Meet Team Vivi

Who is Vivi LeDish?

She's beyond adorable. She's wired. And she's about to revolutionize the way mothers nag their children about healthy habits.

Vivi LeDish inspires kids to learn in a healthy, active, whimsical way only Vivi can deliver. An overzealous aspiring chef, she is excited about trying new foods and being active --- and her enthusiasm is contagious! Her adventures and the lessons she learns along the way are soon to be chronicled in her daily, interactive web site and books.

Who Are We

We are a group of parents who love Vivi LeDish™ and we are convinced she is the perfect champion to encourage kids to make healthier choices and try new foods. Why? Because it works with our kids.

We set out to bring Vivi to life in a platform that's affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to help kids establish healthy habits and warm memories that will last a lifetime. So we decided to introduce her to the world via the World Wide Web.

Taking on debt to finance our dream is not an option for our families, so we created a team of peers who share a passion for our mission and the skills to bring our vision to life. We have been working without pay in addition to our family and work obligations for over two years with no guarantee of anything but the chance to make a difference for our children's generation.

Childhood illness related to poor nutrition and obesity is an epidemic now classified as a matter of national security. Lack of activity related to growing technology use is a contributing factor---and why we are convinced technology needs to be part of the solution!

We want to make the world a healthier place-one giggle at a time. And we're putting our money where our mouth is - we will donate a portion of every dollar we make to causes that share our mission!

We want you to Grow Your Giggle™ with Vivi LeDish!™

Team Vivi Roll Call

Mama G LeDish-Writer, Co-Creator, Founder

I'm Jonelle and I'm a military mom who works from home while raising three kids under five. My passions are writing, discussing social issues, and above all else, being a mother. I've been described by peers as, "A Rebel with a Cause... any cause, really!"

I believe learning & work should be fun. I'm the kid in class who took every possible opportunity to incorporate a silly skit into my presentations. I've been dreaming up silly storylines, characters, and dreaming big as long as long as I can remember. I was born to bring Vivi LeDish and her adventures to life --- and I love sharing my passion with my kids.

I had to leave a beloved corporate career when my family was stationed overseas. My experience living in Europe, where the obesity rates are much lower than the United States despite abundant food supplies and a lack of "low fat" and "diet" products, forever impacted the way I viewed nutrition. The experience inspired me and my dear friend, Nicki, to expand our dream of creating a series of children's books about an aspiring junior chef into a kitchen and wellness site for kids ages 3-8.

I successfully use the Vivi LeDish approach with my kids and I want to share the magic with other families. I believe the time I spend with my kids on the site each day will be some of my kids' warmest memories and I can't wait for you to read more adventures of Vivi LeDish!

Mama B LeDish-Co-Creator, Founder

My name is Nicki and a nickname for my little girl inspired this whole mission! For years, Jonelle and I would talk about this cute little character who would empower herself and those around her. Thus, Vivi LeDish was born!

I have worked in many different creative fields but I pay the bills with a job in state government. My passion is all things Vivi and growing my giggle with the fam!

I am an artist at heart who LOVES to laugh. I am a mother who uses the Vivi LeDish philosophy with success and I am on a mission to introduce Vivi and her amazing cookbook to the whole wide world!

Viva la Vivi!

Papa LeDish-Lead Illustrator, Original Design Team

Hello. My name is Jonathan Girton. I'm an illustrator, web designer, musician, and all around creative geek.

I played an instrumental role in the design and execution of this site, including a majority of the illustrations. I believe in what we're doing and I'm proud to have been asked to sign on as the lead illustrator.

Lori S LeDish-Director of Sales & Marketing

My name is Lori. I am a wife, a mom and a career woman who has a passion for good food, fitness, family and friends. Oh, and I like to have fun :)

Being a mother of 3 boys ages 4, 2 and 11 months has opened my eyes to what is to come for our children if America doesn't change its course. Issues with the environment and childhood obesity in the US has given me the ambition to want to make a difference.

I left corporate America after my 2nd son was born as I wanted to be a part of watching my children grow. My hiatus left me to experience a void of personal fulfillment and I contemplated going back to work. I was honored when a college friend approached me about an opportunity with ViviLeDish which would allow me to have the best of both worlds: Holding a position as a business woman from the comfort of my own home while taking care of my husband and raising my children. This opportunity was not only a perfect fit for my personal growth but the mission of Vivi LeDish parallels the healthy habits and wellness which I have instilled in my own home.

I am a true believer that spending time on memorable life experiences leads to greater happiness. From spending time together on family outings, to spending time together at home cooking in the kitchen with ViviLeDish, I believe we can all move in the direction to a better tomorrow.

Heather B LeDish-Director of Philanthropy & Community Relations

My name is Heather and I'm the mother of a three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. My favorite pastime is watching them grow their giggle with Vivi!

I worked in senior health for many years before accepting a position in higher education assisting with fundraising and administering student scholarships in the development office. I was able to see firsthand how life-changing goodwill can be in the lives of others. I discovered a passion for philanthropy and continue to assist with fundraising for scholarships and local charities.

I currently work from home while performing my most important (and favorite) profession - raising my kiddos!

Mrs. C - Chief Operating Officer

My name is Nancy. I am a military wife and mother of a wonderful five year old girl. I enjoy traveling, and most of all, being a wife and mother. My professional background includes several years of experience in the corporate world as a project manager. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home where I can enjoy seeing my daughter learn and grow her giggle everyday.

I met Mama G. while living in Germany. She shared her vision for Vivi and I fell head over heels in love with the concept! I believe that Vivi will make the world a better place one healthy snack at a time.

Anna S LeDish-Strategy and Business Development Manager

I'm Anna. I am a new mom, excited about all of the adventures my boy and I will have together. I have worked in agriculture, in corporate and political events, in media, for the military, and for health care. I have lived, worked, and played all over the United States and abroad.

Living in Germany I saw kids playing in the streets, and restaurants serving food that was fresh, well-proportioned and without excessive amounts of sugar or fat. Back in the United States, I want my boy to grow up the same way. Vivi believes in that too.

I believe in the playfulness and simplicity of Vivi and her food, and excited to share that with my son, and with the world.

50,000feet-Web Developer, Design Team

50,000feet is an independent creative agency dedicated to helping brands and businesses soar. "We're pleased to be partnering with the creators of Vivi LeDish™ to help them develop their wellness platform, bringing the brand to life online and developing interactive content and experiences that can fundamentally impact children's health and well-being," said Chris Prescher, 50,000feet Principal and Director of Interactive Strategy and Design.

"The initial site allows kids to create their own pantries, store recipes, track nutrition and log participation in suggested daily activities. In the future, we will offer additional online games, tools and activities that deepen relationships with families and integrate seamlessly with their daily lives."

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