Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to log into Vivi LeDish™ using Facebook?

We want to provide our subscribers with a free, secure site that meets Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulations designed protect children's personal information.

Facebook allows us to do that by serving as our site's user management system. This is offered for free to us, which allows us to offer our product for free for our consumers.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks, which means one less password to remember and allows users to share their experiences with an existing network of friends.

And there is NO requirement that you USE Facebook beyond setting up an account. No posting, sharing, "friending" (or "unfriending"), commenting required! Just set up an account so we can verify your identity.

Is there a way to create a Vivi LeDish™ account without using Facebook?

User must have a Facebook account to log in to the Vivi LeDish™ site at this time.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please send us a note using the "Contact Us" feature on the site.

Does this mean my child is logged onto Facebook?

Children will have a separate set of login credentials and will not be logged into Facebook.

Is Facebook collecting personal information about my child's online behavior?

No. Children's online behavior will be secure through their login and not shared on Facebook (or anyone else for that matter).

Is Facebook secure?

Yes. The following link provides good information on recent updates to Facebook security.

Is my family's personal information secure?


Why do I have to enter personal information about my child to set up an account?

We need this information to allow parents to track their children's behavior while on the site. This information allows us to provide a personalized experience and interaction for each child on your account, enable rewards, and offers, and certificates for each user.

Who is Vivi LeDish™? Where did she come from?

Vivi LeDish™ is a pint-size powerhouse who's about to revolutionize the way kids play with their food. Our site offers FREE, fun, interactive tools designed to give children a daily, digestible dose of wellness. We want kids to make a quick stop every day and get back out and play!™

She inspires kids ages 3-8 to learn in a healthy, active, whimsical way only Vivi can deliver. An overzealous aspiring chef, she is excited about trying new foods and being active --- and her enthusiasm is contagious! Her adventures and the lessons she learns along the way are soon to be chronicled in her daily, interactive web site and books.

Vivi Le Dish was born from a group of moms not willing to settle for anything but the best for their children. Moms with an entrepreneurial spirit who recognize that while many television and consumer groups are heading in the right direction as it relates to healthy lifestyle, none provide a tool for both parents and children to learn together how to eat and live healthfully. We want these lessons to set the tone for the rest of their lives.

Do children see content on the Mama LeDish Blog?

If the child can read, there's a chance they will find their way to the Mama LeDish blog. Our goal is to keep our content relevant and our tone positive.

Are all the recipes safe for children to make on their own?

Most recipes will be designed for both parents and child to make together. We want our recipes to get the whole family involved. They are designed to be fun, simple and educational while encouraging children to try new foods.

While we will make sure to notate areas where children should have parents do the work (i.e. cutting and use of stove or oven), we do not claim responsibility for what happens in the kitchen.

Are the recipes created by a Doctor or Nutritionist?

We are not doctors or nutritionists. We are moms trying to navigate the super-information highway of differing expert opinions and balancing it against what we learned from the way we were raised (both good and bad).

Our recipes are based on USDA Dietary Guidelines. We focus on using natural foods and limit processed foods as much as possible. We are also committed to teaching portion control and developing a healthy emotional and physical relationship with food. The bottom line is, we're in this together and we want to learn with you.

Our Advertisers

Our audience is parents, teachers and caregivers looking for a simple, yet comprehensive approach to teaching children about nutrition and exercise.

Our commitment is to target advertisers who are kid friendly, health and nutrition related that match the mission and vision of our site.

How can I advertise on the website?


I have a great recipe to share, how do I submit it?

Use the Contact Us link to send us your suggestions!

Are you going to sell my info?


The safety and privacy of our audience is paramount.

Parents provide the supervision and we'll do our part to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry practices to protect your personal information and safety.

We will not sell or share personal information unless requested by law enforcement.

We will not hesitate to report suspicious activity or inappropriate behavior to the proper authorities (WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR CREEPS).

By accessing and using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Will this site help my children with weight loss?

This site is not intended to be a weight management tool. Our focus is aimed at teaching healthy habits one choice at a time by helping establish a healthy physical and emotional relationship with food and encouraging daily exercise.

This site is great! It seems too good to be true. How can you offer this website for free? (What's the catch?)

Our site is born of a commitment from our team to develop and maintain a site that fulfills our mission and vision to entertain, educate and inspire you to Grow Your GiggleTM with Vivi LeDish™TM! Through a unique business structure and advertising dollars, we are able to achieve this goal. No catch.

Welcome to Vivi LeDish!

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step on a new adventure designed to help your family establish healthy habits and warm memories that will last a lifetime!

Before we can set up your account, we need to verify your identity. We do that through Facebook.

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